A Very Special MathJam – October 21, 2014

Let’s make history!

The MegaMenger project is a distributed fractal project. This project is a joint brain-child of Matt Parker (@standupmaths) and Laura Taalman (@mathgrrl). You can read about it here at MegaMenger.com.

Katie Steckles (@stecks) makes the creation of a Level 1 build look easy in this
video. We will create our Level 1 build at this upcoming MathJam on October 21.

Thanks to Manchester Science Festival

Photo credit: Manchester Science Festival

It is hoped that twenty level-three Menger Sponges around the planet will form a distributed level-four sponge, the largest ever made out of business cards. The plan is for every location to build their level-three sponge during the week of the 20 to 26 October 2014, which includes the Martin Gardner Global Celebration of Mind Gatherings on 21 October – the same day for MathJam! Coincidence?

By Sunday 26 October, it is hoped that twenty locations around the globe will have been united in building an amazing 3D fractal.

So, again, fellow mathies – let’s make history! Let’s get Winnipeg on the map as part of this unique mathematical endeavour! Bring on the cards and let’s get folding!

Note – I will bring enough cards for everyone to fold. Just let me know you are coming by emailing me at winnipeg@mathsjam.com.

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Recap for March 2013

Our first ever meeting at The Round Table in Winnipeg was a great success! We book-ended the evening with two lively games of SET. I may have enjoyed it more than most as I came out the winner of said games. I am fairly certain that it was a fair bit of luck that had me win, but at present I will enjoy my championship.

Between card games we discussed enigma machines, origami, logic problems and proportional geometry.

mathjam2To get things started, we rolled up our sleeves and potato chip tubes to do some coding, paper-Pringle-style! It took some time, as we got hung up on the shaded grey bits for the second set of practice codes. We finally got into the swing of it and tried to decide on a message to send out to any MathJam folks who might be watching the twitter feed.

Yes, the UK folks were likely fast asleep, but we were hoping.

We were so engrossed with our Pringle-enigma machines that we almost missed the welcome and the geometry problem sent our way – the DC folk were up and in mathjam4our time zone! Yippee! Pringle machines and thoughts of origami were set aside as we went to work on the triangle area problem.

Given it was our first night out jamming, we felt a bit of pressure to solve the problem. Thankfully we arrived at the same solution as our fellow DC jammers. 315. Woo Hoo!

We went back to coding and decided to try sending something clever. What to send from the Great White North? Oh, of course! OQRZ (with initial settings of WPG along with Reflector B and Rotors I, II, and III in that order).

It was an exhilarating evening…math puzzles, games, twitter exchanges with DC folk and free samples of maple-drenched bacon and dark Guinness beer. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Looking forward to next month and actually exchanging messages via P-enigma machines with our fellow DC jammers. Before next meeting, we will have to find another good geometry problem to share.

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