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We are taking a break from updating this blog. Our latest meeting locations can be found at the MathsJams site.


A Very Special MathJam – October 21, 2014

Let’s make history!

The MegaMenger project is a distributed fractal project. This project is a joint brain-child of Matt Parker (@standupmaths) and Laura Taalman (@mathgrrl). You can read about it here at MegaMenger.com.

Katie Steckles (@stecks) makes the creation of a Level 1 build look easy in this
video. We will create our Level 1 build at this upcoming MathJam on October 21.

Thanks to Manchester Science Festival

Photo credit: Manchester Science Festival

It is hoped that twenty level-three Menger Sponges around the planet will form a distributed level-four sponge, the largest ever made out of business cards. The plan is for every location to build their level-three sponge during the week of the 20 to 26 October 2014, which includes the Martin Gardner Global Celebration of Mind Gatherings on 21 October – the same day for MathJam! Coincidence?

By Sunday 26 October, it is hoped that twenty locations around the globe will have been united in building an amazing 3D fractal.

So, again, fellow mathies – let’s make history! Let’s get Winnipeg on the map as part of this unique mathematical endeavour! Bring on the cards and let’s get folding!

Note – I will bring enough cards for everyone to fold. Just let me know you are coming by emailing me at winnipeg@mathsjam.com.

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Recap for September 2014

Missing the first Mathjam back after a three-month summer break was heartbreaking! Alas, our administration scheduled “Meet the Teacher” on the same evening as Mathjam. Will have to have a quiet word with our Principal to see if we can change that for next year!

I understand a terrific time was had by all. Several puzzles involving decks of cards were solved and several problems solved quite quickly. One was not. It was a problem found from an August BvbXtKRCUAAUt_Jretweet by LDS Mathsjam. The tweet can be seen here.   pic.twitter.com/AWVDOH52ax

The probability puzzle posted by David Radcliffe (@daveinstpaul) caused quite the discussion, apparently! Sorry to have missed it!

Can’t wait for Mathjam next month.

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Recap for January 2014


Well, we are getting a little better keeping the blog up to date. Only a week to go before our next meeting in February!

Let’s blame this one on the intense cold we have been dealing with here in Winnipeg. Again we had perfect attendance. We welcomed back a few regulars who were not able to make our December session.
In the December blog post, we were excited to talk about the math + art exhibition showing at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. This session we were pleased to have our own math artist attend the January MathJam. We enjoyed hearing about the inspirations behind her art work. Those in attendance were able to take home a couple of custom designed cards.
 tumbling tetrahedrons
And, of course, I enjoyed the paper momathfolding activities from MoMath (tumbling tetrahedrons).

Recap for December 2013

The holiday season in December changed the traditional MathsJam date in the month. We held our session on December 17. Same time and location. As usual, we had “perfect” attendance 🙂pinwheel origami

We welcomed a new member to the fold – @bkmetcalfe for those of you using Twitter. Brian and I had fun playing “ultimate tic tac toe”, as well as creating the paper folding challenge of the session.

We wereprime play also excited to learn that the Winnipeg Art Gallery was having a special curated feature Math + Art . Several members of our MathJam had been there earlier in the day.

We also played with pairs of integers from 1 to 17, making perfect squares with each adjacent pair.


Lots of fun was had by all.

Cheers, Phil

Recap for November 2013

Sadly, I waited far too long to do this post. Only 3 days until our next meeting, and my memory is letting me down! I do know that we had great fun playing with iota, and we did try our best to wrap a cube. Hmm…I shall do better next time!

So, fellow Winnipeg jammers, please do help me out here. I will add some photos, as I know that we took quite a few that night. Our resident twit was enjoying the camera on his new phone, so I should be able to include some of those in this post in the near future.

Looking forward to our December meeting.

See you soon!

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Recap for October 2013

Another meeting and another new face at the meeting! It is always great to meet new people. We introduced our new member to what happens at a MathJam by playing a few rounds of SET and solving some problems. We dug into some problems that @stecks shared with us, and we did our best to find those elegant solutions that we knew would be hiding within.

After discussing some number theory and number tricks for multiplication, we tweeted out one of our favourite problems…the train and the bridge. @icecolbeveridge,was one of the first to reply via @mathsjam, and he liked the problem so much he and @reflectivemaths featured it in their most recent episode of Wrong, But Useful podcast. These podcasts are great fun and are well worth the listen!

A wonderful mathsy evening, indeed!

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