Recap for April 2013

Guessing the recaps should be written shortly after the meetings…egads, my memory is not good enough to wait this long to post…I’ll know better next time.

We skipped the SET game this time and went straight into a Tantrix puzzle.Tantrix Puzzle We had misplaced the rules, so we made things up as we went along. We did this while waiting to hear from fellow Washington DC MathJammers.

We were anxious to try out our P-Engima machines with people not in the room…how exciting!

Well…we weren’t political enough to understand the “sequester” message DC sent our way…had to Google it for some insight. Seems like our poli-sci Mathjam members let us down with that one! We came up with a lame “Spring has sprung”. We’ll have to think of one better for the next meeting. 😉

Spent a fair bit of time making sonobe units to create cubes and octahedrons. Aren't they pretty?I was wanting to go for the icosahedron, but my partners were wanting to save it for the May meeting. Other MathJammers were making origami as well – we created Charlie’s Canadian cousin for our UK friends.Charlie

We had a fun time tweeting, coding, puzzling and folding. Can’t wait for our next meeting!

Posted by Sherri


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